Natural Hair Acceptance


Acknowledging the Bias Against Black Children’s Hair

Hair discrimination is deeply rooted in systemic racism and continues to impact the lives of Black people (also referred to as African Americans). Often when people discuss this issue, many reflect on how hair discrimination affects the lives of Black women as opposed to other groups. According to Fortune, Black natural hair has long beenContinue reading “Acknowledging the Bias Against Black Children’s Hair”

Help End Hair Discrimination

With hair discrimination continuing to affect the lives of Black people, you can put an end to it by joining the movement and sign the CROWN Act petition.


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Black models representing natural hair styles.

About us

We will examine the definition of ‘good hair’ to understand how specific beauty standards have been made acceptable in society. Redefining this term should help in the attempt to promote the acceptance of afro-textured hair, most commonly associated with people of African descent. To be successful in this task requires readers to reconsider their understanding of good hair and what should be considered bad hair.

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